Yoses Rivano & Shera Cynthia victors in 11th UiTM Dental Symposium


IO, Jakarta Yoses Rivano Bakara and Shera Cynthia Islami, students of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia, class of 2017 won awards at the 11th UiTM Dental Students’ Scientific Symposium, which was held online by the Dental Faculty, Universitas Teknologi Mara, in April. Yoses won three awards at once, namely, 1st prize Best Presenter in the International category, 1st prize Poster Presentation in the Magnolia 3 category, and Best Poster Presentation, while Shera won 2nd prize for Best Presenter in the international category. 

The 11th UiTM Dental Students’ Scientific Symposium is a forum for students to present their research results in front of judges and audiences from various countries. This year, the event with the theme “Dentistry Against All Odds, Revolutionizing Research and Practice” was held online, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The competition was attended by 50 participants, 37 from Malaysia, while the other 13 came from Japan, Cambodia, India and Indonesia. 

Yoses presented the research results entitled “Universitas Indonesia Health Sciences Students’ Knowledge Regarding Human Papillomavirus-Related Oropharyngeal Cancer”, in the form of an e-poster. He discussed the level of knowledge of students from the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, and the Faculty of Public Health regarding oropharyngeal cancer and its relation to one of the risk factors, namely the Human Papillomavirus. Yoses was supervised by Dr. drg. Yuniardini S.W., Msc. Dent, and drg. Ratna Kumala Indrastiti, Sp.PM. 

Meanwhile, Shera presented the results of her research entitled “The Role of Oral Health Awareness and Knowledge in Smoking Cessation Motivation: Adolescents in Jakarta” in the form of an e-poster, discussing awareness and level of knowledge about the dangers of smoking on oral health and motivation to quit smoking in adolescents. especially high school students in Jakarta. Shera was supervised by Dr. drg. Febrina Rahmayanti, Sp.PM(K), and drg. Ambar Kusuma Astuti, Sp.PM. 

As quoted by Ui.ac.id, Tuesday (18/5/2021), both Yoses and Shera were grateful for their achievement. “By joining this symposium, we get valuable experiences. We can share the results of our research with a wider audience, with the hope of increasing the knowledge and perspective of the wider community regarding this topic, as well as practicing public speaking skills that will be useful for our professional life in the future,” said Yoses and Shera. (est)