YOLO Fest 2019

(photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Artek n Partners, one of the largest Media Agencies in Indonesia, has many divisions supporting “360 integrated marketing communication”. One of these is BTL (Below the line) – Event Organizer which this year began to explore a new area: promoting musical concerts of foreign artists. 

After supporting many local and multinational brands, this year the BTL Artek Group division – Redstone Creative Activation began to expand into the area of the music concert medium as an alternative for brand promotion. Not a half-hearted effort, this year Redstone will immediately present three legendary artists of the 90s, famous in their era, to entertain their fans in Indonesia. 

At the moment it turns out that the music trend is turning back into the 90s. One of the things that are always remembered by people across the 90s is disco music. Even the 90s were always remembered as the age of the top disco music in the world. Nevertheless, this era also gave birth to many band groups that nuanced romantic music, soft and easy to listen to. 

With the theme of the 90’s nuance, Artek n Partner through Redstone gave birth to another signature event this year. A music concert with the theme “Disco and Romantic Love Music” which, as supporting content, presents 3 legendary musicians of the 90s, namely: C + C Music Factory, Color Me Badd & All 4 One. 

This Redstone signature event titled YOLO Fest, YOLO has the acronym You Only Live Once. Which can be interpreted variously, but usually more related to hedonism. The difference is YOLO at the Redstone event this time, YOLO Fest brings the meaning of enjoying a moment of pleasure with the most special person for you, which could be friends, family or loved ones as a form of appreciation to yourself for the achievements that have been obtained. Live for maximum achievement and afterward reward yourself for a moment of togetherness at YOLO Fest. 

Maya Dewi Armananty as President Director of Artek n Partners said at the inaugural launch of YOLO FEST this year, the content was trying to follow the formation of music trends this year. “Back to the ‘90s is our choice, although of course it will be presented in a different package. But in the future the YOLO Fest content will certainly always be different so that it remains to be expected and follows the current music trends in Indonesia,” she said. 

“YOLO Fest this year will be present and targeted to become a music concert that can bring the audience to enjoy returning to the heyday of the 90s music era. YOLO Fest will be held at The Casablanca Hall, Kuningan – South Jakarta, for two days, 10-11 December 2019. 

With a two-day show format, the first day, 10 December, will carry the theme of Disco by presenting the C + C Music Factory line up. and local guest star Ronald Disko, Diskopantera. 

While on the second day with a more slow and romantic theme, on December 11, YOLO Fest presented the main line up of Color Me Badd & All 4 One and the opening band of Padhayangan Project, “explained Sonny Listhon as General Manager of Redstone. 

YOLO Fest will have approximately 10,000 viewers. The open gate starts from 18:30 until 19:00. The concert itself will start at 19:00 with an opening performance by a legendary band in Indonesia.