Yogyakarta hotels embed “sign of love” for tourists

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Yogyakarta – “From Jogja with Love” is a token of solidarity and concern for the recent condition of Yogyakarta tourism from hospitality activists there, inasmuch as hospitality and tourism have become the main livelihood sector of most of its people. This action was coordinated by the General Manager Hotel Association, involving more than 65 hotels from various regional representatives in Yogyakarta – at least a quarter of the 200 hotels, both independent hotels and national and even international hotel chains in Yogyakarta. 

The action of solidarity in the form of a sign of love was carried out by turning on the lights of each hotel room to make a heart/love shape, simultaneously, on Saturday, April 4, 2020, from 7 to 9 PM, carrying the sign as a symbol of empathy, a spirit of togetherness, and the hope that tourism in Yogyakarta will soon be able to return to a new and more brilliant phase. “Jogja is unique and authentic so this is what inspires us as one of the components of the world of tourism to make a vocal and positive joint movement, with the hope to accelerate the optimism of actors and activists to revitalize the wheels of Jogja tourism,” said Aris Retnowati, one of the action coordinators on behalf of all hotels in Yogyakarta. 

Hotels in other cities and countries have indeed done the same thing, by embedding a heart on the building, but in Yogyakarta, it was done differently, namely, simultaneously for one hour last Saturday. Even the General Managers who united to initiate this action agreed to continue lighting the heart of Yogyakarta until a period that is not determined but carried out according to the policies of each hotel. This means that this togetherness and enthusiasm will strengthen all hotel workers in the current uncertain situation, while at the same time realizing pride as part of the main driver of Yogyakarta’s tourism. 

“Yogyakarta is taking a break from the noise and laughter, but with the bright sign of our love in the hospitality industry, Yogyakarta will always be the city that longs to return to laughter as usual,” said Aris Retnowati. 

“The Jogja With Love campaign by turning on the heart-shaped lights in Yogyakarta hotels is encouraging in this poor atmosphere. These activities are a strength, praying that the COVID-19 pandemic will soon end. And now it’s time we are at home with family first,” added Deddy Pranowo, Chairperson of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association of DIY. 

The symbol of love that lights up shows a glimmer of hope based on the spirit of the hotelier that never goes out. This hope and enthusiasm are conveyed to all Jogja tourism stakeholders, be it actors, owners, and the government. This solidarity action can be a consolation for the people of Jogja in the current situation. The love symbol of the Jogja hotel illuminates the solitude of the night in Jogja. The spirit rises again, fighting for a brighter tomorrow.