Yogyakarta for “The Solipsism 0.2”

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Success with his last album, “Solipsism 0.2” which managed to attract 1,000,000 listeners on Spotify within 4 days, MasPam Records with Hectic Creative will hold a virtual event entitled “The Solipsism 0.2: A Day in Yogyakarta” with a different nuance. Based on information reported from Instagram @thesolipsism0.2, the event will screen a documentary film that tells the journey & preparation of Pamungkas and the creative process behind the scenes in making the event.

This event is the 3rd event of Hectic Creative and its collaboration with MasPam Records. In the previous year, Hectic Creative succeeded in holding an event that gained positive responses from the community. Starting from its first event, Buzz Youth Fest with guest stars Sheila on 7, Efek Rumah Kaca, Langit Sore, and Megantoro which was held at GOR UNY Yogyakarta and was attended by around 10,000 spectators. The second event, Revel Gigs, invited 5 of Indonesia’s best soloists with guest stars Andhika Mahesa, Ardhito Pramono, Megantoro, Hindia, and Pamungkas which took place at PKKH UGM with approximately 4,000 spectators.

Apart from the documentary film screening, “The Solipsism 0.2: A Day in Yogyakarta” will feature Pamungkas & the PeoplePeople who will perform all the songs from the album Solipsism 0.2 with Puput Pramuditya Orkestra exclusively. Yogyakarta is the city of choice in this event because Yogyakarta is the first city for Pamungkas to perform outside the capital city and has received a lot of positive support from music lovers, this has given a deep impression on the journey of Pamungkas music.

This program will be aired on March 3, 2021, at 20.00 WIB via streaming on the loket.com website or the GoPlay application available on the App Store/Play Store. Ticket prices for this virtual event are IDR 88,000 (Regular) and IDR 108,000 (Bundle Tickets including The Solipsism 0.2 Face Mask); you can found them on loket.com and the GoTix app.