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Yakinikuya, Tokyo BBQ dining hidden gem


IO, Jakarta – Where are you going this weekend? Maybe you want to spend time on weekends with friends and family, but you haven’t got a clue where? There are many things you can do to enjoy the weekend with the people closest to you, one of which is to eat with pleasure various food menus together. Not just dining, ambiance restaurants also comes to consideration for the feeling of warmth and togetherness while enjoying the food you like. Especially, if you do have a moment to celebrate this weekend. If you are a lover of BBQ dishes from Japan, you should try the various pleasures of grilled meat at Yakinikuya Tokyo BBQ Dining, located in the Dharmawangsa region, South Jakarta. Dharmawangsa itself is known as one of the expensive residential areas in the capital. Compared to Kemang, this environment is not chaotic and filled with shady trees, making it more comfortable for visitors who first visit this area.

Yakinikuya is a BBQ restaurant from Japan that has the concept of serving a la carte food and also All-You-Can-Eat (AYCE). The first time you enter, you will be welcomed with a comfortable and neat interior design with wood accents and an atmosphere created like a restaurant in Japan that doesn’t have many tables and chairs. Due to it’s capacity to accommodate many guests, Yakinikuya divides 2 meal sessions, namely lunch from 11.00-15.00 (last order 14.30), and dinner from 18.00-22.00 (last order 21.30). You must make reservations in advance if you want to visit this restaurant and if you do come without a reservation, chances are that you will not get a seat. Yakinikuya is located on the floor of LB Darmawangsa Square which is located in the parking area.

As the name implies, Japanese BBQ is their specialty, so you can find a variety of variations from normal to premium pieces. Apart from that, the menu that is served is very complete starting from appetizer menu, soup, rice, noodles, rice, until dessert. There are 4 kinds of packages provided, namely, Standard Yakiniku, Special Yakiniku, Premium Yakiniku and Ultima Yakiniku. At that time I ordered the Yakiniku Special package which can also automatically choose meat from the Yakiniku Standard package.

First impression, plating on point! How they put all the ingredients together in an appetizing way. First, thinly sliced meat, baked to perfection, which is very soft with an amazing texture. The quality of the meat used is very high quality and of course fresh so that the quality is guaranteed to be served to all visitors. Not only the freshness of the meat, various vegetables that are served are also maintained quality.

If you want more practical dishes, you can choose the rice bowl menu for you to enjoy. I was quite impressed with the services provided by Yakinikuya. At each table it is also equipped with Exhaust (vacuum smoke) to prevent the dining room full of smoke grills that can disturb you when enjoying a meal. If you are a BBQ lover from Japan, you should visit Yakinikuya Tokyo BBQ Dining. (Aldo)


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