X Wagyu; The best spot to enjoy the wagyu dish menu

X Wagyu uses industrial design with fluorescent lamps, iron benches, and wood materials in the main dining room. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – The food menu in the form of Wagyu meat is often listed in several big city restaurants, especial­ly steak restaurants. Wagyu meat is known for its softness so it is suit­able for cooking steaks. Wagyu (wa means “typical Japanese” and gyu Means “cow”) refers to the type of cow that is genetically focused to have a uniform distribution of fat and a high percentage of unsaturated fats. Wagyu meat is famous throughout the world because of the character of its fat distribution, natural delicious taste, and tenderness. Wagyu’s soft texture is obtained because these cows come from a special type and get special maintenance techniques, such as massage and the addition of beer or sake in the feed. Some areas in Japan are famous for the quality of Wagyu meat which is produced and exported throughout the world.

Marbling is a fine streak of white fat in the meat which gives a delicious and sweet taste to the meat and pro­vides a soft texture to the meat. Marbling in meat is formed be­cause cattle are given high energy from grain feed. The more marbling the higher the meat class.

Are you a con­noisseur of menu preparations in wagyu beef? Now in Kemang area, South Jakarta there is a restaurant that specif­ically serves wagyu beef menu as its main menu choice that you enjoy, both at lunch and dinner. Having a unique concept, X Wagyu comes as a more casual and youthful dining place. The interior design is thick with industri­alist nuances with neon signs and iron benches and wood materials.

Burger X Wagyu is a favorite menu item
that you can enjoy, with complementary side dish item onion and french fries. (photo: IO/Aldo)

The menu that is presented in this restaurant is quite simple and certainly wagyu like, Satay X Wagyu, Indonesian Fried Rice X Wagyu, Summertime Pasta, Chuck Roll Steak (Prime) X Wagyu, and Burger X Wagyu with complementary dishes like lettuce, and potatoes fried.

Yosuadi Yehuda Prawiro as the owner of X Wagyu revealed that he had long been interested in the F & B business. Starting his education at the Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS) he told me, during his stud­ies he had learned a lot about food and beverage as a whole both from the service and the kitchen. That is what makes him confident in estab­lishing a business in Jakarta.

“From the beginning I thought of making this restaurant because of my own idea that wanted to present a food menu using Wagyu but at an af­fordable price. In addition, I also want to educate the visitors of the Wagyu X by presenting the original Wagyu in­stead of meat which was created sim­ilarly like Wagyu but it is not actually the real Wagyu. Moreover, even the Wagyu X concept is open kitchen so every visitor who comes and choos­es the food menu for sure before we have presented the meat that we will revealed that the restaurant uses original Wagyu meat which is a lo­cal product and not imported from abroad.

“The wagyu meat we use is toku­sen wagyu, whose farm is located in the Lampung region and the slaugh­terhouse is in Serang. That is what makes Wagyu X different from similar Wagyu restaurants, “Yosua said.

As a restaurant that is quite seri­ous in serving wagyu meat menu, the Independent Observer recommends the Wagyu X as one of the restau­rants that you can visit while having lunch or dinner with your partner or colleagues. The price offered is also very affordable, starting from Rp. 20,000.00 to Rp. 250,000.00 for the menu variants that you can choose. X Wagyu is open from Monday-Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 12 p.m. (Aldo)