Westlife’s “The Wild Dreams Tour” 2023


Jakarta, IO – Warna Warni Entertainment and Boart Indonesia presents “Westlife: The Wild Dreams Tour 2023” in ICE BSD City, South Tangerang, pada 9 February 2023.

Yes! Westlife – Shane, Nicky, Mark and Kian – is back in Indonesia. Knowing that many “Westlifers”, as their beloved fans are called, drew the short straw on tickets for the upcoming stadium show in Jakarta, they decided to hold the South Tangerang concert for them. 

Presale tickets with a special price for the concert are exclusively available at Tiket.com starting 18 December 2022, with normal price tickets available from 23 December 2022 onward. 

On the site, Westlife declares, “Indonesia, we hear you! To be able to return to beautiful Indonesia, where we have such a special connection with our fans, and in view of high demand – tickets for our Jakarta show sold out within 24 hours – Westlife is officially holding an additional show in 2023. It will allow us to spend more time in beautiful Indonesia, and meet our fans who did not get the tickets for our stadium show and want an indoor show.” 

In view of the limited number of tickets available for this concert, both Warna Warni Entertainment and Boart Indonesia strongly suggest Westlifers order early and make sure that they get their seats. 

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Florina, Director of Warna Warni Entertainment, reminds Westlifers to get their tickets “…and be the first to watch Westlife in 2023. We are limiting the number of seats available, because the upcoming Westlife concert will be intimate – in a highly exclusive indoor venue in ICE BSD City, South Tangerang. Please make sure you don’t miss out again!” 

Rinni, Director of Boart Indonesia, reiterates, “Not only will the concert be held intimately in an indoor venue, it will also be spectacular and epic. We want our beloved Westlifers to feel cozy and get a different vibe from the previous concert, when they listen to Westlife hits like ‘Swear It Again’, ‘Flying Without Wings’ and ‘World of our Own’, as well as the songs from their new album Wild Dreams in this exclusive indoor venue.” (ast)