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WESTLIFE ‘The Wild Dream Tour’ – The ‘90s “Time Machine”


Jakarta, IO – The sparkling lights of the main screen started the concert performance that night. The slick visual attractions—music snippets and the band’s silhouette—added to the fans’ enthusiasm. Hysterical yells were up in the air, filling the BSD City Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) Hall, when Shane Filan, Kian Egan, Nicky Byrne, and Mark Feehily finally appeared and sang the opening song, “Starlight.” 

Westlife, an Irish quartet famous in the ‘90s, greeted their Indonesian fans again on Thursday evening (2/9/2023) and presented a mesmerizing performance. Westlife brought the fans, who are mostly from the ‘90s generation, back to a nostalgic time to when they were young and restless. 

Westlife’s nostalgic hits 

For Westlife fans, “Westlife, The Wild Dream Tour, All the Hits” certainly evokes fond memories. Westlife performed a number of their hits during the two-hour show. Westlife’s outstanding vocals in delivering more than 16 songs definitely impressed the fans, despite their conventional choreography. “Uptown Girl,” “When You’re Looking Like That,” “Fool Again,” “If I Let You Go,” “My Love,” “Swear it Again,” “Mandy,” and “Flying Without Wings” recalled the fans’ sentimentality. 

The concert hall echoed with the crowd’s singing, giving the impression that Westlife was performing with backup vocals. The audience was enthusiastic, without missing a single song. Mark asked the audience to jump and dance to the beat of “Uptown Girl” because of their passion. The boisterous fans responded joyfully. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, you are very, very welcome to the Westlife: The Wild Dream Tour 2023. Are you ready? Okay, I want you sing with me Indonesia; I sing, you repeat, let’s do this!” Mark expressed his excitement. 

Toward the fourth song, “Fool Again,” Shane greeted the audience and revealed how, throughout his decades-long career, many songs and memories have been created for him and Westlife. “To over those 22 years guys, we got so many songs, so many memories, so many number one hits, and that is all you,” said Shane. 


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