Welcoming “the New Normal”, Telkomsel consistently provides optimal customer service

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – The current global pandemic of COVID-19 is causing systematic changes for many people in carrying out their daily activities. Further, since the enactment of the Large- Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) in several areas, especially in Jabotabek-West Java and the emphasis on “stay at home”, a new trend appears. Movement of people is increasingly restricted and the home becomes the center of all family member activities. Work from Home (WFH), School from Home (SFH), etc. has become a new habit and normal, where the time limit between working (working), taking care of family and running parenting tasks to children (living) and enjoy leisure time (playing ) is becoming increasingly blurred. 

Telkomsel West Area Executive Vice President Agus Setia Budi said that during the pandemic and welcoming the “the New Normal” era, Telkomsel reliably strives to present its best products and services to customers. “The COVID-19 pandemic not only changes individuals in life but also how a company and business can survive and continue to meet the needs of the community. Telkomsel is not only a connectivity enabler but can also provide added value in the fields of education, business, and entertainment,” he said. 

As a leading digital telco company, Telkomsel continues to innovate and adapt its various products and services to meet customer needs. Included in the new normal era as exists today, Telkomsel continues to move forward by presenting customer-centric solutions both in the retail segment (B2C) and in the business segment (B2B), such as CloudX virtual meeting services to support business and education, to a variety of products, digital services such as bundling access to online learning sites, access to video on demand (Maxstream), music, and games. 

The use of Telkomsel’s customer data or payload services in the Jabotabek-West Java operational area during the pandemic increased sharply, to 16%, in early May. The use of CloudX virtual meeting services has also seen a very high increase reaching 1100% since the launch of the product in March 2020. While video streaming services are up 5%, and mobile gaming is up 19%, where these services are widely used by customers to fill entertainment needs during #Just at home. Specifically for digital platforms, Telkomsel services such as Maxstream rose by 68% and World Games rose by 460% when compared to those in the days before the pandemic. 

Telkomsel has carried out 9,200 network capacity building actions to anticipate the surge in traffic and high data payload, especially in residential or densely-populated areas, at COVID-19 referral hospitals, and other vital public areas. A total of 5250 Telkomsel BTS in the Jabotabek-West Java region has been optimized, in addition to that Telkomsel is also alerting up to 20 Combat placed in strategic and important points such as the BNPB office, Wisma Atlet and several other points. 

During this pandemic, Telkomsel continues to provide optimal services to customers, including opening 76 official Telkomsel service outlets (GraPARI) in Jabotabek-West Java operational areas as part of a total of 83 GraPARI, resulting from operational adjustments in shopping areas. In supporting service security during the pandemic, Telkomsel has also implemented special health protocols, such as the use of masks and face-shields by all Customer Service personnel on duty, as well as the installation of shields/transparent protectors on each service desk and body temperature measurements for customers and employees who enter GraPARI.