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Wayang Jogja Night Carnival is back


IO, Yogyakarta – After successfully being held the previous year, this year Wayang Jogja Night Carnival # 4 has come up with a more interesting theme: “Ringgit Wanara Kagungan Dalem Kraton Ngayogyakarta Had­iningrat”, also known as “Wayang Kapi-kapi” was chosen as the main theme of this event. Wayang Kapi-ka­pi is a puppet belonging to the Kraton Yogyakarta which is rarely exhibited to the public; this puppet is unique because it combines the body parts of animals that represent life in the world.

Yetti Martanti, S. Sos, M.M. as the Show Director of WJNC said, this event was to introduce the public to 14 characters of Wayang Kapi-Kapi. “I hope that people can get to know the Wayang Kapi-kapi and interpret their philosophies in everyday life. Wayang Kapi-kapi provides lessons for protecting each other in differenc­es, united in diversity. It is very ap­propriate for the current context, “she said.

Wayang Kapi-kapi consists of 14 strong characters, including:

1. Wayang Kapi Kingkin, a combination of crabs and monkey. Is the creation of Sang Hyang Ba­runa, he has a big hand in saving the process of building a bridge to the State of Ngalengka.

2. Wayang Jaya Harima or Wayang Kapi Harima, which has a monkey body and tail and a tiger head. Being one of the Pancawati armies led by Prabu Ramawijaya, he has the dexterity and strength that is respected by the Ngalengka army.

3. Wayang Kapi Wraha, which has a monkey body and a wild boar head. He is an inseparable part of the Pancawati army.

4. Wayang Kapi Warjita or Kapi Wercita or Cacingkanil, which has a monkey body, and a head and tail wrapped like a worm. He was also one of the Pancawati armies under the leadership of Prabu Ramawijaya.

5. Wayang Kapi Jaya Anala or Kapi Anggeni, whose body, face and tail are like monkeys, but whose hair resembles a blazing fire. Is one of the armies of Pancawati; he is a monkey created by Bathara Brama.

6. Wayang Kapi Satabali, which has a monkey body but has a tail and chicken head. As one of the Pancawa­ti army, he was tasked with guarding the Swelagiri pension, which is where King Ramawijaya lived during the war against King Dasamuka’s army.

7. Wayang Kapi Liman Dhesthi: has a body of a combination of ele­phants and monkeys. The Pancawati army played an important role in the beating of Raden Kumbakarna.

8. Wayang Kapi Premujabahu or Kapi Permujabahu whose role is to find a flower of Kembang Dewa Retna in the Kahyangan Jajarlumintu.

9. Wayang Kapu Sembawa has a monkey body and tail and lion head. He served as a soldier who imbued fighting spirit to the monkey soldiers.

10. Wayang Kapi Cocak Rawun, whose body is a combination of birds and monkeys. As a Pancawati army fighter, he has very high flying skills so he can know the movement of the enemy

11. Wayang Kapi Endrajanu, which has a monkey body and tail and buffalo head. This Pancawati army has extraordinary strength and is known to be very diligent and obe­dient to superiors.

12. Wayang Kapi Widagsi who has a monkey body and rhino head. A large and powerful body made him one of the mainstay warriors of the State of Pancawati.

13. Wayang Kapi Jaya Arina, who has a body and tail like an ape but is deer-headed. He is able to run as fast as lightning so that he is always protected from ambush by enemies.

14. Wayang Kapi Trewilun or Kwil Terwilun, which has a body and tail like a monkey but has a rabbit head. He is known to be sleek, able to walk through the ground and is a mas­ter of culverts.

The 14 Wayang Kapi-kapi will later be exhibited by 14 sub-dis­tricts in the city of Yogyakarta in the Wayang Jogja Night Carnival parade # 4. “There are 7 profes­sional artists as creative teams that assist participants in over­seeing the participant’s production process, namely KPH Notonegoro, RM. Kristiadi, S.Sn., Ali Nursotya Nugraha, M.Sn., Anon Suneko, M.Sn., Emerentiana Tri Ikhtiarn­ingsih, S.Pd., Agung Tri Yulianto, S.Sn and Hermawan Sinung Nu­groho, S.Sn,” Yetti added.

Among the 7 professional art­ists, he continued, one was KPH Notonegoro who was a figure who was very concerned about devel­oping the Kraton culture. With creativity and knowledge, Yetti Martanti, S. Sos., MM. hopes that the public will get to know Wayang Kapi-kapi.


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