Friday, September 22, 2023 | 06:09 WIB

Washington’s irrational desire to dominate the world


Jakarta, IO – The US has been working hard to persuade governments all around the world that China is a threat to the so-called “rules-based international order,” and that alliances with Washington may lead to peace and prosperity. The United States fogged its Indo-Pacific policy once more at the three-day Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, which began on Friday (10/6), professing a desire to “promote regional development” while really fanning geopolitical tension. 

Such a method has become synonymous with “bloc politics” since its debut. It is nothing more than a political instrument that the world’s lone superpower has used increasingly frequently in recent years to shore up its dwindling global dominance. The United States has a history of acting as an offshore balancer. When the country perceives a “threat” to its global supremacy, it will organize various cliques, draw a boundary between “us” and “them,” and persuade its allies and others to keep the “challengers” at bay. 

That is exactly what the United States has done. To limit China, a “strategic rival” as defined by Washington, the US is making every effort to incite conflicts with Beijing. In the pretext of “enhanced economic cooperation, shared values, and regional security,” the US has proposed a “Indo-Pacific Economic Framework” that excludes China, expanded the Five Eyes and Quad procedures, and established an AUKUS pact at the expense of global nuclear non-proliferation. 

It has also recently made some foolish statements on the China-India border problem, aiming to sever ties between the two neighbors. While Washington will do everything possible to keep its states intact, it clearly seeks to construct a divided globe. That is how it may divide the world and then strive to govern over it. However, America’s selfish actions contradict the world’s collective desire for peace and growth in an age of irrevocable interconnectedness. 


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