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Warung Le’ko, a paradise for lovers of beef ribs


IO – The success of Warung Le’ko in embracing clientele is already in no doubt, starting from the taste of its soft ribs, a cozy restaurant atmosphere, and friendly service – all are its mainstays. 

Like its original place in Surabaya-East Java, Warung Le’ko in Jakarta is never empty of visitors. One of them is Warung Le’ko, located in Harapan Indah City, Bekasi. 

In addition to presenting Penyet Ribs and Roast Ribs, this specialist of Penyet Beef Ribs also presents other penyet menus such as Penyet Muscle, Penyet Duck, Penyet Chicken, Penyet Empal, Penyet Tripet, Penyet Baket, Penyet Meatballs, Penyet Gurame, Penyet Shrimp, Squid Snapper, Fried Snapper Penyet Flour, and Penyet Milkfish. 

For those of you who want a soup menu, Warung Le’ko also provides Rib Soup, Oxtail Soup, and Sum- Sum and Muscle Soup. Not only that menu, but this restaurant also serves other Indonesian menus such as Gurame Oseng Green Chillies, Fragrant Sauce Shrimp, Green Chilli Squid Oseng, Muscle Fried, Sate Iga Hot Plate, Fried Chicken Flour, and various processed vegetables typical of Indonesia. 

When presented, the combination of brownish shades of three-piece beef ribs placed on a mortar-shaped container, nicely combined with shades of red sauce typical of Warung Le’ko will make you impatient to taste it. 

Soft! That’s the impression that arises with the first bite. According to Adi, the owner, the tender beef ribs came from the boiling process which was done for eight hours along with typical Indonesian spices. 

And when the ribs are dipped into Warung Le’ko-style chili paste, the savory sensation of spice hits the tongue and will surely make you stop moving. Very nice..!! 

Another rib served by this restaurant is Roast Ribs. Broadly speaking, the soft texture is the same as the Penyet Ribs, but for the matter of taste, this menu has a different flavor character and more colorful because before being served, it is burned first with typical spices of Warung Le’ko. 

As for the chili sauce, this Roast Ribs are served separately with peanut sauce as a compliment. The matter of taste does not need to be asked. The combination of spicy, savory, and sweet taste can create its color when tasted. 

Warung Le’ko not only presents a variety of menus with a tantalizing taste, but you will also be encouraged to linger by the atmosphere that is so comfortable. The 2,500 square meter restaurant features an interior design that combines elements of wood and stone to create a natural atmosphere, coupled with the many Javanese trinkets such as, old school teapots, Petruk, Gareng, Semar, and Bagong statues, and mini jars that adorn every corner of the room that gives the homey impression of Javanese nuance. 

There is also a Musholla, making it easier for you who want to perform your prayers. Besides, this restaurant is divided into four parts. Two parts are dining rooms which are also smoking areas and two parts are reservation rooms with air conditioning. 

As for the hours of operation, it is open from 10 am to 10 pm. Want to eat the delicious Penyet Ribs, just go to Warung Le’ko! (Pramitha Hendra)


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