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WarnMyLungs major winner at 2020 HPGA in KL


IO, Yogyakarta – The WarnMyLungs Team scored a splendid achievement for Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) Yogyakarta, in its quest to qualify for the 2020 Global Accelerator Hult Prize, to be awarded in Ashridge, U.K. The WarnMyLungs Team overcame opposition from some 300,000 participants from 121 countries, marking the first time in 10 years that the Hult Prize held there was taken by a team from the UGM, thus qualifying them to go for the Global Accelerator Hult Prize. 

The long and highly-competitive process followed months of effort by the WarnMyLungs Team. Samuel Theo Manat Silitonga Jr., a student of the FEB Accounting Department serving as Founder & Navigator, explained that after registering on December 17, 2019, the team announced its readiness on January 17, 2020, and competed against around 40 of the best teams from various countries, in the Kuala Lumpur Regional on March 21, 2020. “Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all activities were shifted to virtual participation,” he said to UGM PR on Tuesday (7/14/2020). 

Although progress was impaired because all team members were scattered across different locations, the WarnMyLungs team put up an extraordinary struggle, astonishing the judges through pitching and follow-up interviews. “With a formal announcement on March 24, 2020, we were declared the main winners of the KL Regional and joined 30 other major winning teams from 22 other regions.” 

He explained that WarnMyLungs is an innovative lungs-caring platform with bold-eco-movement. The team is also equipping itself with various initiatives that have a direct impact on society and the environment. “Since June 2020, the WarnMyLungs team engaged in the Global Accelerator Hult Prize virtually, and our enthusiasm has never dimmed, because there are many lessons we have learned,” Samuel said. 

Meanwhile, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the WarnMyLungs team conducted a number of social initiatives, including fundraising for personal protective equipment (PPE) for 22 more health facilities in various regions of Indonesia, and distribution of groceries to around 400 more marginalized communities in an area of Yogyakarta. 

At present, WarnMyLungs is in the process of developing a multidisciplinary student team. Besides Samuel Theo Manat Silitonga, there are students who were delegates for the Hult Prize event: Ricky Setiawan, a student of the Management Department of FEB UGM as Co-Founder & Business Development (Management of FEB UGM), and Vania Jesslyn, studying at the Faculty of Dentistry UGM, as Head of Health and Social Initiatives. The three of them were delegates from the WarnMyLungs core team who had been working collectively to accomplish the vision and mission of the innovations presented. 

The other core team members are Rakyan Widhowati Tanjung, Erica Lesmana (Accounting, UGM Faculty of Economy and Business UGM), Rajesh Siburian, Muklas Rahmanto (UGM Vocational School), and Tiara Ellen Elyora (UGM Faculty of Law). One other member comes from a different university, Diponegoro University: Tiffani Sandradewi Wignjosoesastro (General Medicine). (*/est) 


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