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Walking Drums: Enjoy a fine menu in a Green Industrial Atmosphere


IO – Hanging out in a cafe with a fun and the unique atmosphere becomes a recreation in itself. Walking Drums is a recommended place to hang out while enjoying the best food without MSG and preservatives, as well as good coffee drinks. The place is unique, with a casual industrial concept. However, the green of the trees is still visible. This atmosphere can be enjoyed at Walking Drums Margonda Depok and Walking Drums Pati Unus Jakarta Selatan. 

Passing Margonda, the Walking Drums caught my eyes. From the front of the cafe, you can see high steps with a concrete floor, and you can see a spacious outdoor and indoor dining area that makes you want to stop by and taste the menu. The outdoor area is a favorite because they can enjoy food while feeling the breeze and green trees. It’s a beautiful view. 

Hanging out in this area will make you feel comfortable and homey, and welcomed. Moreover, the cafe capacity is quite a lot, so visitors can freely choose their favorite seat. Margonda Walking Drums can accommodate 150 people and Walking Drums Pati Unus can accommodate 120 people. 

Walking Drums has been doing business since 2016. Ciwi Gunawan, Business Development Manager, said the philosophy behind the name Walking Drums is the sound of drums being hit loudly. “So we want to spread the spirit like the sound of drums being hit everywhere,” said Ciwi. 

Walking Drums chose the location of the cafe in Pati Unus and Margonda because it fits its target market. Besides, at this location, the Walking Drums can embody the concept of the Walking Drums building, which is a lot of trees, an outdoor seating area, and others. “Our target market has a large range, starting from school children, students, families, and workers who want to enjoy delicious food and fresh drinks, especially coffee with a comfortable atmosphere,” Ciwi continued. 

Best Menu, No MSG. 

Walking Drums has menus prepared from the best ingredients, from scratch, no- MSG, and without preservatives. There are several menu variants available at Walking Drums, including pasta such as Spaghetti Aglio Olio, Chicken Wings Salted Egg made from real salted eggs, and Crispy Pizza. 

Walking Drums also provides menus such as Nasi Goreng Kambing, Nasi Goreng Kampung with Sate Ayam Bumbu Kacang and Telur Mata Sapi, Bakso Malang, Nasi Bakar Ayam Betutu, Tongseng, and Empal Gentong. There is also a delicious Pad Thai menu and a delicious Beef Sei. 

Other menu items include Croissant Beef Sandwich, Fish and Chip, and Burger. Fun foods? Quesadillas, crispy Nachos, Nutella Pizza, and Peach Almond Pizza which are suitable to be enjoyed while drinking coffee. For dessert, Walking Drums serves various flavors of donuts with delicious glazing and toppings such as tiramisu, sprinkles, chocolate, and others. 

There is also a wide selection of slicde cakes in Walking Drums style and Classic Italian Strawberry Panna Cotta. There are fried menus such as Risoles, Pastels, Samosa, Martabak, Croquette, special caramel Fried Banana and cheese sauce. Walking Drums also has a Crispy Potato snack menu with spicy, savory, salty, and sweet flavors that come together on the tongue, without MSG and preservatives. 

Meanwhile, the drink menu includes Caramel Macchiato, Hazelnut Latte, Citrus Americano, and Butterscotch Latte. For the coffee drink menu, Walking Drums uses Indonesian coffee, which they roast and blend themselves. This coffee, which is named Drumsblend, has the privilege of being suitable for anyone to enjoy. 

“Those who have stomach acid, drinking Walking Drums coffee is fine. But if you like stronger coffee, you can ask our barista,” explained Ciwi. 

Walking Drums also provides Cold Brews with Milk, Espresso, Green Bean Coffee, and others. Besides coffee, there are Lemon Squash, Banana Smoothies, Strawberry Mint Smoothies, Raspberry Milk Cheese, and others. 

Waking Drums is normally packed with visitors on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings. Some of the facilities available to visitors include a prayer room, toilet, outdoor area, and valet parking. Walking Drums also provides a special room for meetings and working spaces. During this COVID-19 pandemic, Walking Drums applies strict health protocols. When visitors enter, their body temperature is measured and their biodata is recorded. Walking Drums also reduces capacity and implement social distancing. Therefore, during this pandemic, Walking Drums has been promoting delivery sales for customers who want to enjoy eating at a cafe-style house. 

“We hope that the pandemic will end soon, and hopefully Walking Drums can continue to spread the spirit according to the philosophy of the name Walking Drums. Not only in Jakarta, but in other cities,” said Ciwi. (Kartika Indah)


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