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Walking down the memory lane through a cuppa of hot tea


Jakarta, IO – Did you know that Indonesia has many variants of tea? But why the ones in the market are of the same type?

On tea history, local tea farmer Satria Gunawan Suharno said the Indonesian people before the Dutch came and forced them to work in tea plantations had been acquainted Chinese ‘premium tea’.

“But after the Dutch arrived, people were forced to enjoy the ‘tea dregs,'” he told Independent Observer, Saturday (25/3).

Gunawan said the colonial master forced the Indonesian people to plant good quality tea and export it to Europe.

“We only get to enjoy the dregs. As a result, our public doesn’t know that we have a global quality tea,” he pointed out.

A story about Indonesian tea obtained during a visit to the House Of Tea in South Jakarta was quite eye-opening. It sounds unfamiliar to the Indonesian people, even compared to Indonesian coffee which has been booming in recent years.

Established in August 2015, the House of Tea is the right place to enrich tea drinking experience, especially to taste premium quality Indonesian tea.

He hopes that the it can also serve as a forum for Indonesian tea farmers to market their products. “Tea quality and education are things that we highly value in the hope that Indonesian tea will be more appreciated and known globally,” explained the man born in 1962.


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