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Voice of the Ukrainian People reflected in mini exhibition at European Town Square Festival


Jakarta, IO – The display of seven works by Ukrainian artists gave distinct color to the European Town Square Festival at Plaza Sudiman, Jakarta, Saturday (6/5).

The paintings, dominated by yellow and blue colors, depict the ordeal of the Ukrainian people amidst the still raging war. Aino Cantell, the curator, said that the works displayed next to the Ukraine booth were created by five young artists who are members of the Ukrainian illustrators association, Pictoric Club. While the other one was painted by the daughter of Ukraine Ambassador Vasyl Hamianin.

Aino revealed that the works were taken from social media posts at the beginning of the war.  According to her, social media has now become one of the most effective tools for Ukrainians to exchange news and describe the situations they are experiencing.

“I am very impressed by the diverse works. I feel that the more I see them, the more they touch the heart,” said Aino. “In my opinion, this is one way to understand and explore other people’s (Ukrainian) perspectives, rather than just reading news (about the war).”

Ukraine Ambassador Vasyl Hamianin said all layers of Ukrainian society, including children, are suffering greatly from the war. In his view, the paintings are a simple way to understand the expressions and hopes of Ukrainian children.

“In this exhibition you can see what the children are trying to convey, their message. ‘This is my home. We want peace, we want security, we want to live,'” explained Vasyl.


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