Virtual Stage Commemorates Yogyakarta’s 264th Anniversary

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Yogyakarta – Yogyakarta Provincial Government, announcing through Yogyakarta City Culture Service, held a cultural performance titled “Tan Mingkuh Tumapak Ing Jaman Anyar.” The event, as part of the 264th Anniversary of Yogyakarta, was held virtually on Sunday 11 October 2020. 

“The locations of cultural performances were held in several places: the courtyard of the Yogyakarta City Hall fountain, the Kotagede Cultural Conservation Area Management Agency (BPKCB) office, and also simultaneously in 14 District Pendopos throughout Yogyakarta. All of these locations are connected to one live-streaming screen as a response to the Yogyakarta government during the pandemic period in its effort to adhere to COVID-19 health protocol,” said the Head of the Yogyakarta City Culture Service, Yetti Martanti, S.Sos, MM. 

The performers in the event included Gamelis Gamler, a contemporary gamelan music group that performed traditional and modern songs wrapped in ethnic nuances, and Agung Cendhik Art Dance, with his unique movements. 

There is also a Javanese theater performance, presenting the play Singget, communicating a story about how a group of people practiced theater with the Yogyakarta Anniversary theme. 

Apart from being done virtually, the interesting thing about this stage is that it presents a joint dance at the end of the performance, using Zoom meeting technology. Several artists were involved in dancing together virtually at 14 points in the sub-district, at the Kotagede BPKCB Office venue, and also at the Yogyakarta City Hall. This is a symbol of togetherness and courage, a determination to remain optimistic in facing adverse conditions in the new era. Tan Mingkuh Tumapak Ing Jaman Anyar.