Vice President: “Respect for differences in political opinion effective for conflict elimination”

Vice President of RI Ma’ruf Amin. (Photo: Rayi Gigih/IO)

IO – Differences in political views remain a major trigger of conflicts and tension. Therefore, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin emphasizes the need for mutual respect of each other’s personal dignity and sovereignty. “We must admit that we still have ‘small’ pebbles in our paths in the form of lack of understanding and awareness to protect diversity and differences among each other. This is still not as good as we hoped for. Our community still sees the existence of conflicts and tension caused by specific political differences. Discrimination continues to occur based on differences in religions, race, and tribal culture background,” Ma’ruf said in his online speech in the ASEAN Interfaith Camp 2020 on Wednesday (14/10/2020). 

Ma’ruf stated that this failure to accept differences in political views prevents us from bringing peace and harmony into our social reality. “Such conflicts cause continued violence. Consequently, we cannot implement development programs that we should have been working on, in order to improve the people’s own welfare,” he said. 

Ma’ruf reiterates the importance of respecting differences in political views. This is a lesson for everyone, a concern involving everyone. “I hope that we all learn our lesson and resolve this together gradually. We must uphold the principle of mutual respect of each other’s sovereignty and dignity in order to advance into the future,” he said. 

Ma’ruf further expresses his hope to the participants of the ASEAN Interfaith Camp that everyone plays their proper role in building our community with tolerance and moderation, in living our daily lives harmoniously. One of ASEAN’s strengths that it has the principle of “One Vision, One Identity, One Community” in its effort to develop its community. “ASEAN youths have an essential role of building tolerant communities across ASEAN. For me, these younger ASEAN generations are special because they already live in a community where people are aware that tolerance, moderation, and harmony are necessary if we want to achieve our life goals together,” he said 

The Vice President notes that one third of the ASEAN population, or one out of every three people in ASEAN, are from the younger generation. “It is obvious that a huge responsibility for a better future of the Region lies on your shoulders. In brief, you youngsters are the future. By putting down strong mental and moral foundation among the young, ASEAN will be able to achieve its dreams and vision,” he said. (Dan)