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Verrel Dylastra, boxing promoter To bring back the glory of Indonesia boxing


IO – An Indonesian amateur boxer currently residing in the United States, Verrel Dylastra is also a professional boxing promoter. His debut began with a professional boxing match broadcast on TVRI, 3 December.

“It’s to bring back the glory of the boxing world to Indonesia. And with this pandemic situation, I want to do something with the strong commitment of bringing live boxing back to Indonesia, with the support and collaboration of TVRI. I intend to do this regularly, subject to review of this first event,” said Verrel.

“As a boxer, I have much passion in this industry, and with the connections I have built in the US and my knowledge of this industry, I am eager to take this seriously and bring Indonesia’s name up to the world. Indonesia has a really big potential in this sport with many strong fighters. And with support from the Indonesian Professional Boxing Federation (FTPI), I am committed to do my best as a promoter.”

He appreciate the support of the government bodies, from the Minister of Sport, Polda, Mabes Polri, Satgas Covid BNPB, FTPI, and to the teams that have been working very hard to make this happen; to bring back Indonesian national boxing to its glory through TVRI.

Unfortunately, Verrel is unable to be in the country in person at the moment, He has appointed Martinez Dos Santos to represent him for V Boxing Promotions. “Bung Martinez has many years of experience in this industry and knows Indonesian boxing very well.”

Verrel currently lives in New York City. “I recently moved here because of Covid restrictions in California, and have some work and business here now. So during the pandemic, because all of the gyms shut down in California and the restrictions there were very strict, I was not able to box. However, because boxing is still my passion, I decided to put my efforts and focus into the promotion instead, which I was still able to do virtually,” he added.

Boxing became his passion when he saw the 2012 Olympic boxing on YouTube. He watched some of the matches, then got more interested in it. “By the time I started watching Muhammad Ali’s fights, I was hooked on boxing and knew that this was what I wanted to do too.”

“Of course, this has all only been made possible by my mother. She was a little hesitant when I told her I wanted to box, but once I showed her that I was serious about it, she supported me all the way, in every single match that I had. I think that kind of support is important in such a tough sport like boxing, so I have only her to thank for everything that I’ve been able to do so far.”

This 23-year-old youth sees a lot of boxing talent in Indonesia. “The fighters are all strong and hungry, and I know that they will be able to do well on the world stage. That is the vision of both me and my mother, to have Indonesia be a household name in boxing on the world stage. What we need now is just a platform.”

In the midst of his busy life, Verrel keeps boxing. “I am still boxing here yes, but only casually for the moment. I have begun work in financial services back in June, so my time has been split between that, boxing, and V Boxing Promotions.” (rp)


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