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Veronica Koman charged for provoking riots in Papua Coordinating Minister of Politics, Laws, and Defense: “This is non-negotiable”


IO, Jakarta – The police have charged a new suspect in the case of riots in several areas in Papua. After provoking incidents. VA is deemed to have provoked people through social media. “In the session held last night, there is a person called VK whom we have subpoenaed twice. She is still missing,” said the Chief of the East Java Regional Police, Police Inspector General Luki Hermawan, on Wednesday 04-09-2019.

VK is charged with the publication of hoaxes and provocative statements concerning Papua through her Twitter account @VeronicaKoman. “During the incident, she was not at the scene of the riot. However, she actively informed, persuaded, and provoked people through Twitter. She stated, for example, that “There is a call for mobilizing monkeys to take action for tomorrow in Jayapura” on 18 August 2019,” Luki said. There was also the Tweets “The moment the police started to shoot into the Papua Dormitory, a total of 23 shots including tear gas,” “The children did not eat anything for 24 hours, they are thirsty and locked in, and got kicked into the mob.” All of these were written in English.”

As they deem her to be extremely active in provoking the people, the police arrested Veronica on several counts, i.e. the violation of the Electronic Information and Transaction Law, the Criminal Code Paragraph 160, Law No. 1 of 1946, and Law No. 40 of 2008. Until now, VK is an Indonesian citizen and she possesses an Indonesian ID card despite living abroad. “She is extremely active in her provocation, whether here or outside the country. Therefore, we are going to cooperate in the effort to capture her, especially with Interpol,” Luki said.

Coordinating Minister of Politics, Laws, and Defense Wiranto believes that the police have properly performed applicable legal procedures before they named Veronica as a suspect. “Let’s just leave that alone. There are charges, there is a suspect. Naturally, they all have undergone thorough investigation and checks,” Wiranto stated in his office in Jakarta on Wednesday (04/09/2019).

Wiranto states that the charges against Veronica are non-negotiable. However, legal procedures against Veronica must continue according to the provisions of existing laws. “Let the process commence and let’s not bother to discuss them for now. If she is proven guilty, she will be punished; if proven innocent she will be set free,” he said.

Wiranto further stated that the Police will process anyone who is caught provoking and inciting people in social media. He further stated that these are crimes as regulated in the Electronic Information and Transaction Law. “Those who provoke will immediately have their sites closed down. However, incitement is already a criminal action. We will definitely chase them down,” he said. (Dan)


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