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Verbal autopsy to determent the death-cause of hundreds KPPS officers


IO, Jakarta – Minister of Health, Nila F Moeloek said that will carry out a series of verbal autopsy to the Voting Organizers Group (KPPS) officers who died. What does verbal autopsy mean?

Nila said that the Ministry of Health is working together with an independent team from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia and the Medical Science Education Association (AIPKI). Together they will be doing research activities outside the hospital.

Nila ensures that the verbal autopsy is based on scientific methodology, after all of the autopsy’s has been executed, all of the officers’ cause of death will be known. Later on, recommendations will be given after there are sign of risk factors from these EMB officials.

Regarding the verbal autopsy, the Academic Faculty of Medicine, North Sumatra Islamic University (UISU) Umar Zein responded. He said that the verbal autopsy (AV) has a low value of accuracy in finding the cause of someone’s death. Umar also highlighted the government’s steps through the Ministry of Health which would carry out a verbal autopsy to KPPS officers who died.

“Verbal autopsy have indeed been carried out in several regions, often carried out individually, such as during the process of making death certificates,” said Umar.

He explained that in the medical world, there are three types of autopsy. First, a forensic autopsy: performs a body surgery that aims to look for the full cause of a person death. The second autopsy is a clinical autopsy, carried out by the hospital for medical and scientific purposes. “The third one (autopsy) is verbal autopsy, by interviewing the closest person. In Indonesia, verbal autopsy is often used by officers at the sub-district level to issue death certificates,” Umar Zein added.

Because the general purpose in doing verbal autopsy for issuing death certificates, Umar also said that this type of autopsy can be carried out by non-medical personnel.

Umar said that to find the cause of someone’s death can only be obtained with forensic autopsy that have a high level of accuracy, however forensic autopsy can only be requested by the authorities.

“The hospital is not allowed to do that without the request from the police,” said Umar who is also the former Director of dr Pirngadi Medan Regional General Hospital (RUSD). (dsy)


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