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Uzbekistan Embassy in Jakarta Launches its Gastrodiplomacy Project to Promote Tourism


IO – Recently the more number of Indonesian mass media airing special TV programs about Uzbekistan’s national cuisine. It’s quite inter­esting to observe that the name of Uzbek king dish “Palov” is circulating daily on TV, web­sites and social networks.

The term gastrodiplomacy is new trend in nation branding, public diplomacy and pub­lic relations. It’s more about promoting the country with its tastes. To be short, winning hearts and minds through a delicious nation­al cuisine. In this sense, a new gastrodiplo­macy project of the Uzbekistan Embassy is quite effectively enlarging its audience who wants to visit beautiful historical monuments and, of course, to try very diverse Uzbek na­tional cuisine.

In the last 10 days, the staff of Uzbeki­stan Embassy participated in special culinary programs of CNN Indonesia, Metro TV and Kompas TV. In our talk with the “Culinary Diplomat” of the Embassy Muzaffar S. Ab­duazimov more new programs are upcoming.

Mr. Muzaffar believes that when there is already functioning direct flight between Ja­karta and Tashkent (capital of Uzbekistan) and visa free regime for Indonesian citizens nothing can be more pleasant than to pro­mote the Motherland of Imam Bukhari, Ibnu Sina, Bahouddin Naqshbandi and other prominent scholars of Uzbekistan with its delicious cuisine.

Earlier some time ago, the Embassy of Uzbekistan to Indonesia held an “Uzbek Cui­sine Master Class” event with a famous Chef Bahriddin Chusty to celebrate the indepen­dence day of Uzbekistan.

The event which was orginized by Ms. Gulchekra Rozukulova, the spouse of the Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan revealed the secret to making special dish­es of Uzbekistan. After being involved in the making of some delicacies, the participants were entertained with classical music and opera as well as traditional Uzbek dances. (ohw)


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