Wednesday, September 27, 2023 | 16:33 WIB

Using AI to boost business productivity, preparing Indonesia to enter the “smart society” era


Jakarta, IO – Artificial intelligence (AI) has captivated many sectors, including business. The use of AI in Indonesia offers great potential to increase business productivity and prepare it to enter the era of what is now being called a smart society.

As Indonesia has the vision to be one of the largest economies in the world, the use of technology, including artificial intelligence, has become increasingly strategic. The potential of AI must be identified to drive businesses, which will eventually impact national economic growth.

AI’s ability to increase productivity is implemented through various processes, such as algorithms, computerization, and robotic automation. The WIR Group, as an Augmented Reality-Virtual Reality (AR-VR) technology company which also provides AI technology solutions, perceives how collaboration with its business partners has increased business productivity by using AI technology solutions.

Gupta Sitorus, the Chief of Marketing and Sales at WIR Group, said that as many more sectors start to utilize AI, the business sector should also adapt, so that it can innovate and develop.

“AI’s integration in business can also benefit customers and people in general, by providing a more satisfying customer experience. With a variety of relevant AI techniques, businesses can face challenges more skillfully and use the opportunities in an increasingly competitive market,” he explained.


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