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Unsoed students cross Mount Sindoro on the Bansari-Kledung Line


IO, Purwokerto – Students do not merely study to be awarded a degree. They are also expected to take part in positive activities to support skills outside the academic field, one of which is returning to nature, namely, mountaineering. Realizing this, Group 1, Young Members of Pandhita Jagratara, Environment-Lovers Unit of the Nature-Lover Students (UPL MPA), Jenderal Soedirman University (Unsoed), Purwokerto, Central Java, took part in “Passing Mount Sindoro on the Bansari-Kledung Line”, in mid-February.

Participating were Ananda Febriawan (NRP.UPL-AM/Pandhita Jagratara), Cahyo Santoso (NRP.UPL-AM/Pandhita Jagratara), Faradinna Shofia Zein (NRP.UPL-AM/Pandhita Jagratara), Setyana Nurul Falah (NRP.UPL-AM/Pandhita Jagratara), supported by two assistants: Gelar Manggara (NRP.UPL-2019446/Anagata Naraya) and Ilham Aziz Nugroho (NRP.UPL-2019451/Gantara Bhumi).

Ningam Syukri, Coordinator of the Young Members Training and Education Program, said that this activity was the initial medium of learning for Young Members of Pandhita Jagratara at UPL. Preparation started with travel management, basics of forestry and mountaineering, and also getting to know Mount Sindoro more thoroughly for this Climbing Ascent.

“The technique applied in this pass was in the form of land navigation, useful for determining a team’s position by field orientation, and determining coordinates with the help of topographic maps and crosshair compasses,” said Ningam.

The team mapped the hiking trail, using an hourly plotting method. They also learned travel management, from preoperational to post-operational. “In this case, the team learned to be able to manage their time and supplies as best they could to minimize errors when in the field,” he added. (*/est)


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