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Unsoed conducts proposal seminars on-line


IO, Purwokerto – The academic community of Jenderal Soedirman University (Unsoed), Purwokerto, Central Java, ensures services to students are still fulfilled even though teaching and learning activities are currently being carried out on line, following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, caused by the coronavirus. Proposal seminars as a prerequisite for developing a thesis for undergraduate students or a thesis for postgraduate students are conducted on-line. 

In the Department of Communication Studies, two undergraduate students and one graduate student presented an on-line seminar proposal through the Unsoed G Suite and Google-Meet facilities, Friday (3/20/2020): Indah Antasari (Master in Communication Studies), Firda Rumpoko (S1 Communication Studies), and Fatika Hardining Sofiana (S1 Communication Studies). 

Dr. Mite Setiansah, M.Sc as one of the supervisors who led the seminar proposal on-line, revealed that the activity went smoothly. “In general, ran smoothly, and there are even parents of students sending their thanks because their children’s on-line seminar services can still be executed effectively,” she said, as quoted by Unsoed Public Relations, Friday (3/20/2020). 

A similar statement was expressed by the Coordinator of the Master’s Study Program in Communication Studies, Dr. Edi Santoso, M.Sc. He said that in general, it went well; there were also many participants and were quite interactive. “In general, it was smooth and the seminar could be attended by many participants on-line,” he said. 

Problems arise if the location of the signal is so weak the voice is not clearly heard. Another weakness is that the amount of quota needed in one seminar is quite large, because the duration of the seminar is quite long, around 1-1.5 hours. “Then the decision as whether to have the on-line seminar or not – we still give it to students,” said Dr. Mite. 

With seminar and exam services on-line, service to students can be carried out in full, in the difficult conditions of this Covid-19 outbreak. Hopefully, this plague will soon pass. (*/est) 


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