UNS students take thesis exams online to evade Covid-19

Respati Arsy with the Examiners. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Solo – Students of Sebelas Maret University (UNS) in Surakarta, Central Java, are taking their thesis examinations online, to avoid any possibility of catching the new Coronavirus, cause of Covid-19. 

Maryani, Public Relations spokesperson of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), states that the online thesis examination was in accordance with the Circular Letter (SE) of the Dean Number 1232/UN27.05/KP/2020, regulating the organization of activities, in an effort to address early awareness, preparedness, and anticipation, to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection which has turned into a world pandemic. 

Wi t h t h e o n l i n e t h e s i s examination starting from the FISIP State Administration Study Program in early April, she hopes that it can spur students from other study programs to complete their theses and shorten their study period. 

Meanwhile, at the Faculty of Engineering (FT) Architecture Study Program, five undergraduate thesis examinations were also conducted. The Coordinator of the Final Project Studio of Architecture Study Program, Dr. Yosafat Winartom, said that all study programs at the FT will carry out their thesis / final examination online. 

“Those who have implemented Architecture Study Program on April 1 and 2, 2020. Final Project Awareness Test for 5 students online and all passed,” Yosafat said, as quoted by uns.ac.id, Sunday (5/4/2020). 

The five students of the Architecture Study Program who have taken the online thesis examination are Respati Arsy, Lalu Rizki, Elsya Rizkia, Muthia Nur Faizah, and Muhammad Ghalfadi Alizanda. 

One of the thesis examiners from the Department of Architecture, Dr. Eng. Kusumaningdyah Nurul Handayani, stated that the overall online awareness test was going well. One by one, the examiner grills students on points being tested. “Of course this is something new for everyone. We hope that the Covid-19 storm will pass quickly and we will be able once again to conduct face-to-face tests.” 

It was revealed by one of the students of Architecture Study Program class of 2015, Respati Arsy that she was very grateful that her online thesis examination went smoothly. Titled “UNS Student Dormitory Redesign”, Arsy was able to defend her thesis before the Board of Examiners. “This online test can reduce nervousness. The key is to prepare everything; the internet network must be smooth,” she said. (*/est)