UNS’ Guidance & Counseling students take second place in 2020 National Essay Competition

Kus Puji Santoso Edo Widiantaka, Novita Tri Hapsari, Lutfi Nur Khasanah, using the game Among Us as a medium for group guidance services. Photo: Prive. Doc

IO, Solo Students of Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta scored achievements in the National Essay Competition (NESCO), in the field of Guidance and Counseling (BK) at Medan State University (Unimed) 2020. Novita Tri Hapsari, Lutfi Nur Khasanah, and Kus Puji Santoso Edo Widiantaka, who are from the UNS Teacher Training and Education Faculty, Guidance and Counseling Study Program (Prodi), managed to win 2nd place in the competition, which was held in mid-November 2020.

In this event, they presented research entitled “AMCRITIC Game (Among Us Critical Thinking Game): Educational Games as Guidance Medium for Groups to Improve Critical Thinking for Generation Z in the New Normal Era”. This research utilizes a game that is trending among young people, named “Among Us”.

“We used the game Among Us to become a medium for group guidance services. This game is currently trending among young people and is easily accessible via smartphones. Therefore, we took the initiative to use this game as an educational medium. The aim is to attract Generation Z to join group guidance services,” said Lutfi when contacted by the uns. ac.id team, Friday (20/11/2020).

She admitted that it took them approximately three weeks to develop the research. This essay competition is held online, through the Zoom meeting application. They have to go through a selection process twice. First, from the various essays submitted, the top 10 finalists were taken, and had the opportunity to present their work, then from the 10 finalists, only 4 teams were chosen. They presented their essays through zoom meetings in the form of PowerPoints presentations.

“Because the competition was in the middle of busy studies and it can be said that we knew that the competition deadline was very near, we took part in it by asking help from a senior from the class of 2017 who had also won in the essay competition: her name was Kristiana Firdausi. We are grateful to win second place.”

Lutfi and his team are proud to be able to make achievements in the 2020 NESCO BK Unimed event. Besides, it can be an encouragement for other UNS’ BK students to take part in the competition again.”

They hoped that this competition could motivate other UNS’ BK students to take part in future competitions. Hopefully, UNS’ BK Study Program can evolve and accomplish more. (est)