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UNS Faculty of Law Students win national legislative drafting


IO, Solo – A proud achievement was again recorded by students of the Fac­ulty of Law (FH) Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta, Central Java, in The 7th Social Science in Nation­al Law Competition (Sciencesational 2020) held by the Institute for Study and Science (LK2) Faculty of Law (FH) University of Indonesia (UI).

The team consisting of five UNS students won second place: the team was comprised of Arya Adi Bintoro, class of 2018, Ri’dhollah Purwa Jati, class of 2017, Iqtironia Khamlia, class of 2018, Atika Ramadanty, class of 2017, and Gergorius Fransisco, class of 2019. They were representing UNS as a team in the Legislative Drafting Competition.

“Legislative drafting involves drafting of laws. In legal drafting, there are two phases. First, we pre­pare an academic draft. The academ­ic manuscript is similar to a Draft version of the Law,” stated Ri’dhol­lah, as quote by uns.ac.id team, Wednesday (03/11/2020).

In the Legislative Drafting Compe­tition, there were two types of compe­tition: Legal revision and developing new Laws. In this competition, the UNS team chose to make a cyber law, selecting a cyber theme because it is considered new for Indonesians.

“By chance, this is about cyber legislation and it is considered new for Indonesians; thus, we formulated a new draft and bill; while there is a bill it has not been promulgated,” ex­plained Ri’dhollah.

Arya as the team leader admitted that he is really committed to, as this is his first competition. “Honestly, this is my first time. In this competition, I hope to learn a great deal,” Arya stat­ed.

In the future, they plan to more thoroughly explore legal drafting. Taking part in other competitions is also possible; it is hoped that a collab­oration in making legislative drafting so that what they make can be imple­mented and have a positive impact on society. (*/est)


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