Unpad students score in 2020 Indonesia Inventors Day

Unpad Faculty of Medicine students who won Gold Medals at the World Invention and Technology Expo (Wintex), 2020 Indonesia Inventors Day. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Bandung – A team of Padjadjaran University (Unpad) Bandung won a Gold Medal at the World Invention and Technology Expo (Wintex) in the 2020 Indonesia Inventors Day, held online by the Indonesia Innovation and Invention Promotion Association (Innopa), 27- 29 November 2020. The 2020 Indonesia Inventors Day was attended by participants from many countries in Asia, Europe, and America. 

The Unpad team consisted of five undergraduate and professional students from the Faculty of Medicine, namely, Annisa Dewi Nugrahani, Putri Nadhira Adinda Adriansyah, Manik Intan Gumilang, and Ivan Christian Channel and Arnold, who won two Gold Medals at the event, namely in the Essay and Business Plan competitions. They also won the Best Commercialization Award in the Business Plan competition. 

One Gold Medal was won for a paper entitled “Free Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) FAIRMONT Software Application: A Capstone in Fighting Against AMR with Digital Technology”. The idea was raised on concerns about the inappropriate use of antibiotics. Using antibiotics carelessly can lead to resistance. “If humans do not have antibiotics, it will be difficult to recover from diseases caused by bacteria,” said Annisa to the Unpad Public Communication Office team, Wednesday (9/12/2020). 

Representing her team, Annisa said that AMR is not only a crucial problem in the health sector but also in various other sectors. As a solution, her team initiated a digital application to educate the public about the importance of using antibiotics wisely. Applications include e-books, games, social projects, webinars, panel discussions, and online consultation rooms with doctors about antibiotics. The preparation of this application involved experts in the health sector. “Currently it is still in progress, but we have developed the innovation.” 

Meanwhile, in the Business Plan category, the idea entitled “Ettawa: Best Goat-Milk Based Products in Town” won the Best Commercialization Award. Annisa revealed how ettawa goat milk contains bacteria that are good for digestion, as well as fortifying body immunity. “We want to sell it to the younger generation. So we present it in the form of coffee milk and frozen yogurt,” she said. 

Annisa and the team said they were proud to be able to bring the Unpad name to the international arena. Apart from Annisa and the team, Unpad Faculty of Cultural Sciences student Bagas Maulana Achmad and the team won a Gold Medal for a paper entitled “Oneriver: Integrated-Collaborative Water Resource Platform in ASEAN region as a Solution in Reducing Watershed Pollution, to Achieve SDG 2030”. Oneriver is an application that can record levels of pollutants in rivers, especially rivers in ASEAN countries. 

Bagas said that many rivers in ASEAN are categorized as filthy, and there has only been minimal effort to clean them up. Apart from recording the levels of pollutants in the river, the Oneriver application also features information on waste management, fundraising, and so on. “Hopefully this can be realized and utilized by a wide audience,” said Bagas. 

Oneriver was designed by Bagas and his team from various universities, namely Ahmad Lutfi Karim from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) Yogyakarta, Nisrina Bahiyah Kesuma from the Bandung Institute of Technology, and Aufa Miladya Izzah, Belinda Azzahra, and Sheila Firda from the University of Indonesia. (est)