Unpad student delegations to represent Indonesia in 2021 London International MUN

Six delegates and three faculty advisors from Padjadjaran University will appear at the 2021 London International Model United Nations event. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Bandung A delegation of students from Padjadjaran University (Unpad), Bandung, was selected to compete in the 2021 London International Model United Nations (MUN), on March 2628, 2021. The largest annual simulation session of the United Nations (UN) in the European continent is to be held virtually.

The delegation team consists of Elizabeth Starla Lenina, Raden Devita Rizqiana Irvan, Della Camella Prisca Rizky and Rifia Azka Nabillah from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences as well as Kezia Paskalia Mononimbar and R. Ghifari Ramadhana Agueni from the Faculty of Economics and Business. The delegation was also accompanied by three faculty advisors, namely, Friliana Susanto from the Faculty of Law and Haekal Rais and Cyril Anfasha Firmansyah from the Faculty of Economics and Business.

Elizabeth Starla Lenina, Chair of the Delegation, explained that in the simulation of the UN session, the delegation would act as a representative of a country and be allocated to a council with a specific focus. Later, each council will formulate a UN Resolution Draft in response to world problems, such as global warming, human rights issues, and multilateral cooperation to resolve conflicts.

Elizabeth admitted that the target of the delegation in the event was to be able to participate actively during the conference. Because of that, the team had undergone intensive preparation and training for three months. “To honor the name of Indonesia and the alma mater have become our obligations as delegates. We hope you and your friends at Unpad will support us to keep our spirits up,” said Elizabeth, as quoted from Unpad.ac.id, Saturday (23/1/2021).

London International MUN is an activity that is held every year. This year the activities were held virtually with the theme “Reimagining Global Governance”.

Unpad actively sends its delegation to this international event, not only as a participant: Unpad has also made proud achievements. Two were achieved by the Unpad delegation at the London International MUN, namely the “Verbal Commendation” at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) council in 2018 and the “Best Diplomacy Award” at the Disarmament International Security Committee (DISEC) council in 2016. (est)