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UNHCR: Asylum Seekers Must Comply with Indonesian Regulations


Jakarta, IO – Officers from different agencies raided the tents set up by refugees and asylum seekers outside the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) office, Jakarta, Wednesday (3/7).

UNHCR assistant protection officer Hendrik Therik said the refugees’ actions constituted a violation of city ordinance.

“Actions such as overnight camping in public facilities are not something we want and it is also in violation of regional regulations,” said Therik, per Detikcom, Thursday (4/7). “We appreciate the measures taken by the government to restore order in the area in front of the UNHCR office.”

Therik explained that refugees and asylum seekers must obey the existing regulations in Indonesia and comply with the mechanisms in place at UNHCR. “The existence of refugees in Indonesia is protected by the Indonesian government, but refugees still have to obey existing regulations in Indonesia,” he said.

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Therik said UNHCR could not provide a certain deadline with regard to their applications because each of them applied for different services. Some of them asked for various types of assistance, including health care and placement in other countries. These must be reviewed separately, he said.

“The solutions will have to be on a case by case and individual basis,” he said. (un)


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