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Unair Student creates stunting detection system app


IO, Surabaya – In recent years, the problem of stunting among children has been a main focus in Indonesia. Moreover, according to 2013 research, the prevalence of stunting in children under five in Indonesia reaches 37.8 percent. 

Concerned about this condition, Farissa Riski Rahmadona, a student of Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) Universitas Airlangga (Unair) created an app to detect stunting in children. The application is named “Expert Detecting Stunting System in Children Using Certainty Factor Method: A Web-Based Application”. 

Farissa said that the app is in the form of an expert system, where the experts are pediatricians. Furthermore, the output of the system user can ascertain the condition of stunting in a child quickly and precisely. 

“I created an innovative system of experts where the expert is a pediatrician herself or himself. From expert knowledge, I created a rule to detect stunting in children. The output is that system users can determine stunting in children in a fast and precise way,” explained the final year student, Friday (1/24/2020). 

In creating the process, the application collaborates with a posyandu (integrated healthcare service post for mother and kids) in Bontang City to collect data, while pediatricians came from Wahab Sjahranie Hospital, Bontang, East Kalimantan. Bontang city was chosen because of its high percentage of stunting. 

Farissa said that in the process, material became one of the obstacles, because her study background is different from the material. 

“The difficulty is because I do not come from a medical background; I have to learn the terms of child nutrition problems,” said the Information Systems student. Farissa hopes that in the future the application can be developed, producing accurate results, and will prove useful for detecting stunting in children more quickly and precisely. 

“Because stunting discovered too late will have a bad impact on a child’s development,” she added. 

Farissa also got a silver award at the International Exhibition of Research, Idea & Innovation on Creative and Humanizing at the Convention Hall, Level 5 E-Learning, Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah Campus (KSAJS), Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI), Malaysia for her app, last month. (*/est) 


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