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Unair Dental Engineering Students win 2020 Dentistry Festival trophies


IO, Surabaya – As one of the best universities in Indonesia, Universitas Airlangga Surabaya, East Java, also known as “Unair”, continues to mark success through students’ achievements, most recently when Dental Engineering students won three categories at the Dentistry Festival on Saturday, (03/07/2020).

At the event hosted by Kediri Institute of Health Sciences, the team from Unair Dental Engineering took first and second places in Ortho Competition and second place in the Teeth Carving category. One of the team members, Terania Alfarisa, shared her experiences with the team in the competition.

“At first, we were interested in taking part in this competition because as final-year students, we wanted to secure achievements for our study program and hone our skills,” said Tera to Unair Public Relations, Saturday (03/14/2020). “What’s more, we appreciate the opportunity to meet with Dental Engineering students from around Indonesia. Events like this are usually only held 1-2 times a year,” she continued.

Tera said that there were differences between the two branches of the competition, which were participated in by Unair Dental Engineering Team. The Ortho Competition is a competition for the manufacture of removable ortho devices used to straighten teeth while the Carving competition focuses on the ability to carve teeth using wax.

Considering the fact that the task is quite difficult, Tera claimed to have had no idea that she could win first place in the Ortho competition. Even so, she still tried to be optimistic and enjoy the race.

“We are grateful for this achievement, and we want to thank our closest friend and lecturer who always support us during the competition,” said Tera.

“It is very nice to be able to champion the good name of the Dental Engineering study program and arouse pride in our lecturers,” she continued.

One of her teammates, M. Kautsar Haula Robi, also shred his impression. He revealed that his team was very relaxed during the competition. In line with Tera, he also feels grateful for the achievements.

“We are thrilled to hear the announcement,” said the 2017 student. “It feels like all the struggles we have finally paid off,” he concluded. (*/est)


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