UN urges govt to have dialogue with the public on criminal code

criminal code
(Source : Katadata)

Jakarta, IO – The United Nations (UN) calls attention to controversial articles in Indonesia’s recently-passed criminal code (KUHP) that run counter to human rights, equality before the law and legal protection without any discrimination.

The UN also highlighted the right to privacy and freedom of religion and expression.

“The UN is concerned that a number of articles in the new criminal code violate Indonesia’s international legal obligations in relation to human rights,” the body said in an official statement, reported CNN Indonesia, Friday (9/12).

It also notes several articles that can potentially criminalize journalistic work and undermine freedom of the press, and discriminate against women, children and sexual minorities.

“Other provisions risk violating the right to freedom of religion or belief, and can legitimize negative social attitudes towards members of minority religions or beliefs and lead to acts of violence against them,” it said.