UGM team showcases Indonesia in a geoscientific perspective

UGM team video surpassed the work of students from India. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Yogyakarta— A student team from Gadjah Mada University (UGM), also members of the UGM Student Chapter to the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG SC) won 2nd place in the International AAPG SC YouTube Video Contest 2020. The annual competition, held since 2012, aims to accommodate the creativity of AAPG SC from various universities throughout the world. 

The UGM team submitted a video about the background of Indonesia’s current condition, from a geocultural angle, with the main person in charge Iqbal Wijaya (Geophysics 2019), Rifky Wibisana (Geological Engineering 2017) as a scriptwriter, Sarah Rania (Geological Engineering 2019) the voice actor, and Ichwan Daffa (Geological Engineering 2019) as the editor. “From a geoscientific perspective, Indonesia has many prospects related to the energy sector. Behind that potential there are also challenges that we have to face together,” explained the Chairman of AAPG UGM SC Krison Valentino, Monday (22/6/2020). 

The program developed is oriented towards addressing current problems. “We hope the messages through this video can be conveyed to all audiences, especially the younger generation who want to play a role in the energy sector in the country,” he said. 

Each team was allowed to present a series of programs that ran a year back in an interesting and creative video format. In addition, the video made also showed the team’s profile, including the history of the organization and milestones that have been achieved. 

This year the first podium was won by a team from the University of Texas, Dallas, United States, while third place was won by the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, India. The award ceremony will be held virtually in early July 2020. (*/est)