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UGM takes 4 International FSEV Concept Challenge Awards


IO, Yogyakarta – The UGM Arjuna Team triumphed in the 4th Annual Formula Student Electric Vehicle (FSEV) Concept Challenge international competition online, on June 26-July 22, 2020 sponsored by Formula Bharat, India, taking four awards. 37 teams were online, hailing from India, Indonesia, and the United States. In this major competition, the UGM electric car team triumphed, with a 2nd Place Overall Event award. Besides, they took home a 2nd Place for Best Team Management Strategy award, Notable Mention for EV Design Overall Choice, and Notable Mention Kaizen Teacher. 

“This is the first time for the UGM Arjuna Team to take part in the FSEV Concept Challenge competition and triumphantly carry a variety of proud achievements,” said Christopher Tangguh Bayu, Chair of the Arjuna car race team, as quote by on Thursday (7/23/2020). He explained that this competition consisted of six categories: FMEA Report, Procurement Strategy Report, Team Management Report, DSS Report, Presentation Delivery, and Q&A Session. Categories of UGM Arjuna team achievements include 2nd Place Battery Design, 3rd Place Powertrain Design, 4th Place Procurement Report, 4th Place Design Specification Sheet, 4th Place Presentation Delivery, 7th Place Q&A Session, 12th Place FMEA Report, which eventually brought Arjuna Team a 2nd Place Best Overall Event, with a total score of 315.2. 

“These achievements surely resulted from hard work and dedication of the team to continue to be committed to developing and innovating for electric car research,” he said. The Formula Student Electric Vehicle (FSEV) Concept Challenge 2020 competition is organized by Curiosum Tech Private Limited under the name “Formula Bharat India”. It basically aims to encourage the student car team to turn to the development of electric car technology research. The 4th-year competition was organized online, because of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Christoper said that the Covid-19 pandemic did not hinder the enthusiasm of the UGM Arjuna team to continue in innovating and developing electric car research pursued since 2012. Initially, the UGM Arjuna electric car team actively participated in the international Formula Society Automotive Engineer (FSAE) competition each year in Japan, specifically in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, however, because of the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak there was a cancellation of the competition. 

“Our vision is to be one of the best Formula Student teams in Asia. Thus, we keep on trying to innovate and prove the results of our electric car research in every race. Thereby, thanks to the remarkable results of this competition, we have frequently established ourselves to prepare for our main race at FSAE Japan 2021,” said Farhan Iqbal as Chair of the 8th generation of Arjuna UGM team. 

Farhan affirmed that in the future, the team is committed to evaluating and also improving further development of electric cars. Thus, hopefully, the UGM Arjuna team will proudly present Indonesia’s name in introducing their innovation in the international arena. Besides, it is also a means of proving that Indonesia’s young generation is eager to sustain environmentally-friendly electric car technology. (*/est) 


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