Two major companies give away Rp 6 M in humanitarian aid through ACT

Destruction left by the tsunami in Mamboro village. (photo: IO/ACT)

IO, Jakarta – Sad news has emerged from Central Sulawesi. A shallow 7.4 SR quake hit the area on Friday (29/9) afternoon, triggering a tsunami that wiped out both Donggala Regency and Palu Municipality. As of Monday (1/10) morning, 1,203 citizens were reported dead, at least 540 badly in­jured, and more than 16,000 became refugees.

Famous smartphone company Oppo and courier service J & T Ex­press respectively donated Rp 4 billion and Rp 2 billion in humanitarian aid to people suffering from the earth­quake and tsunami disasters in Palu and Donggala. The President of Rapid Response Action (Aksi Cepat Tanggap – “ACT”) humanitarian organization, Ahyudin, warmly welcomed Oppo and J & T Express’ contribution and concern for the victims of the Palu-Donggala earthquake and tsu­nami. “There is no need for all of us to drown ourselves in sorrow. Trials coming in one after another mean that we have the momentum to make ourselves better, more caring people. We will be using this humanitarian aid to help provide emergency sup­plies and services in Palu-Donggala. ACT’s efforts will include the supply­ing of a humanitarian aid ship that will carry rice and other supplies. We will also simultaneously mobilize aid from Surabaya, Makassar, as well as Jakarta. As a prelude, ACT has sent 1,000 trained volunteers to the damaged sites in Palu and Dongga­la,” Ahyudin said during the press conference at ACT’s media center Menara 165, Cilandak, South Jakar­ta, on Monday (1/10).

Residence preparing for
evacuation from their houses in Balaroa. (photo: IO/ACT)

In order to be able to access the latest valid information from the earthquake and tsunami site, Iqbal Setyarso, ACT’s Vice President of Communication, stated that ACT will establish information centers and media centers in a number of strate­gic locations. “ACT is ready to supply accurate information about the earth­quake. All of the latest data from the field will be distributed regularly at the media centers to our friends from the media, and at the information centers to the public. Insya Allah (by Allah’s permission), we will establish media centers in Palu, Jakarta, and Makassar and initiate information centers at Makassar airport, Sura­baya airport, Gorontalo airport, and other airports or strategic locations that can connect the public to Palu, including in Jakarta,” he said.

The Palu earthquake has acceler­ated the activation of the Palu Branch of ACT, in collaboration with other ACT branches that have acted first. Furthermore, Ahyudin requested contributions from the entire country. He considers the disaster to be a way for Heaven to unite our nation. “The best way to respond to this “greeting from the Heavens” is to show our con­cern for our fellow countrymen who are being tested with this disaster. The Governmental element has been working seriously and rapidly accord­ing to its mandate to help out, repair the damaged structures, and assist starving and sick people. The com­munity element should also help out with everything they have, instead of just watching this sorrowful event like a soap opera,” he said. (Raihan Ismail)