Two goofy detectives in “Dangerous People” theatrical show

Dangerous People
A scene from “Dangerous People.” (IO/Ricardo Ronald)

The scene above is only a snippet of the play presented by Our Indonesia. According to its founder, performance artist Butet Kartaredjasa, he and scriptwriter and director Agus Noor want to present a new style of story with a twist at the end, and still with socio-political criticism that has become their signature.

“There is a message to convey, we will enter a political year in 2023-2024, everyone must be vigilant, don’t get caught up in issues that can threaten national integration, we must always remind people the importance of plurality for our nation,” explained Butet to after the show.

Butet said the idea for the comedy show came spontaneously from the cast, with 70 percent based on the script and 30 percent improvisation.

“Unfunny things when played by Indonesians will become funny, indeed at first our basic concept was to make a sketch of issues that are actually pretty serious,” explained Butet.