Turns out in 2014, an exclamation for People Power was also shouted by Jokowi’s side

(photo/illustration: IO/Team)

IO, Jakarta – In 2014, an exclamation for People Power was shouted by Jokowi’s side. This was stated by Eggi Sudjana, a politician from PAN Party, who is currently a suspect in the case of alleged treason.

“Talking about people power, actually the people power comes from Jokowi’s side in2014. This is the book, the cover of the book can be seen in the picture (bookstore) or elsewhere,” said Eggi Sudjana to the media while showing a picture of book cover from his cellphone on Monday (13/5).

After finished reading the whole book, Eggi concludes that the people power that is mentioned is a movement that is often blocked by elites.

“What is the meaning in this book? I have read that people power is often blocked by the elite. I remember my speech in front of Prabowo’s house, which made this country looks like jerk are actually the elite people,” he said.

“So now we must maintain the unity of Indonesia with questioning these elites, this fraud election was made by them. The people do not know anything, so don’t make them the scapegoat,” he said.

Previously, Eggi also alluding Moeldoko’s statement regarding an invitation for a total war in an effort to win Jokowi-Maruf in the 2019 Presidential Election. According to Eggi, a total war is way more dangerous than his movements.

“Don’t forget that Moeldoko once talked about total war, means that there are no other words except to kill, it’s called war. The people power doesn’t have anything to do with it,” he concluded. (dsy)