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Türkiye Defense Fair showcasing technology capabilities


Türkiye, IO – Highlights of the IDEF 2023

The Republic of Türkiye, formerly known as “Turkey”, has long been a member of NATO, and linked with Europe and the USA for its national defense needs. In recent years Türkiye, like Indonesia, has adopted a stance of self-reliance in its defense; this includes building up a base of defense-oriented manufacturing companies.

Now Türkiye welcomes friendly nations and counterparts to its 14-hall, 120,000msq IDEF ’23 Defense Fair, held at the Tüyap İstanbul Fair and Congress Center in Istanbul. The readers of Independent Observer may have had the opportunity to visit a similar defense fair held in Kemayoran, North Jakarta, earlier this year. One major difference is that the one in Istanbul is sponsored by the “Turkish Armed Forces Foundation”. Thus, it seems the military is playing a direct role in organizing and supervising the Fair.

IDEF ’23 is expected to welcome approximately 1,000 national and international companies directly or indirectly active in fields of defense, security, maritime service or the aerospace industry as participants. The world’s fourth largest global defense show, IDEF 2023, from July 25th – continuing until Friday July 28th – features land vehicles, weapons, simulators, radars, sonars, naval platform solutions, aviation systems, missiles, logistic vehicles, supply equipment and security systems

IDEF ’23 Defense Fair
(IO/Irawan Ronodipuro)

The Government of Türkiye is taking a prominent role in organization, with appearances and presentations by the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Interior and the Presidency for Defence Industries. Meetings and stand visits of the participant delegations was well planned.

Arriving from all across the globe are more than 400 official delegations, including defense ministers and senior civil and military authorities responsible for procurement of weaponry, along with those representing friendly and allied countries, have been invited by Türkiye authorities. Independent Observer and Indonesia Defense Magazine along with three other media, is invited to the biennial exhibition by Turkish Aerospace Industries.

Approximately 30 meeting offices will be opened by procurement authorities of the Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Interior and Presidency for Defense Industries, for serious talks with participating companies and delegations.
Action displays of weapons and other gear materials in inventory was presented and promotional activities were carried out at the stand of the Ministry of National Defence by Turkish Armed Forces General Staff, Turkish Land Forces, Turkish Naval Forces, Turkish Air Force, Military Factories General Directorate, Shipyards General Directorate, National Defence University, Map General Directorate, Pharmaceutical Factory General Directorate and / or National Mines Activity Center Head Office (MAFAM).

IDEF ’23 Defense Fair
(IO/Irawan Ronodipuro)

Weapons and materials, including many locally-made, is displayed and promotional activities were carried out at the stand of the Ministry of Interior by The General Command Gendarmerie, Turkish National Police and Turkish Coast Guard Command.

Inasmuch as Türkiye is a marine power, ships and watercraft gear belonging to Turkish Naval Forces and Turkish Coast Guard Command will be opened for visits of delegations, exhibitors and the press.

Panels and presentations were scheduled for the 2nd and 3rd days of the Fair, and the organizers look forward to numerous Signing Ceremonies.

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Türkiye is always a nation of great interest as it occupies a strategic position at the south of the Black Sea, facing Eastern Europe and the Russian Federation; it also has Arab and Iranian neighbors (some not so friendly) to the East and South, in regions periodically in turmoil and armed conflict.

In recent years there have been multiple military, industrial and political exchanges between the Republic of Indonesia and the Republic of Türkiye, as both huge nations emerged from the “third world” and are aspiring upward, to become more advanced. (Iro)


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