Turkey-Syria earthquake death toll rises to 7,000

(Source: Facebook Darma Jailani Jr.)

Jakarta, IO – The bodies of earthquake victims in Southern Turkey were left lying on the street as the search for survivors continues. More than 7,000 people have reportedly killed in Turkey and Syria after a mega earthquake jolted the regions on Monday (6/2), reported Sindonews, Wednesday (8/2).

The quake has cut off access to many places, including the city of Antakya. Rescue workers and ambulances struggled to cope with the scale of the disaster. Family members of those who went missing dug through mountain of rubble looking for missing loved ones. The survivors also have to cope with freezing temperatures in wintry weather.

The situation was even more chaotic in areas which have seen conflict between the government and the opposition. Syria’s northwestern region in particular has been one of the most difficult places to reach, with only one small crossing on the Turkish border available to transport resources into opposition-held territory.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared a three-month state of emergency in the 10 provinces worst hit by the quake. He said the measures would allow aid and financial aid workers into the affected areas but did not provide further details. About 70 countries have pledged aid for Turkey.

Meanwhile, Japanese earthquake expert Yagi Yoji Experts warned surrounding countries to be vigilant of another major earthquake. “There are several faults near the epicenter of this earthquake, where the northeastern Anatolian plate meets the Arabian plate, and this leads to the formation of complex tectonic structures between them,” he pointed out.

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He predicts that colliding plates will cause a shift in the earth’s layers and have the potential to cause earthquakes in Middle East. “In the future, an earthquake with the same magnitude is likely to occur,” he cautioned. (un)