Tulus’ “Ungkapan Hati” concert A sincere appreciation of the meaning of togetherness

Tulus, sincerely expressing feelings that people would understand through his meaningful lyrics. Photo: INSTAGRAM@TULUSM

IO – A lot of people find it hard to express their affection towards a loved one. It’s really not easy, even though it should be so simple! This is corroborated by the findings of the Cadbury survey, held in collaboration with Rumah Psikologi Tiga Generasi psychology clinic, back in 2021. Did you know that 63% of respondents find it hard to express their feelings, and 45% even choose not to express what they feel towards their loved ones? 

The many restrictions we have to endure during the pandemic are added obstacles to our need to express our feelings. Yes, we may be sitting in the same room with our spouses or family members, but we are not spending quality time with them. As they understand this trouble, Cadbury requested famous singer Tulus to inspire people to open their hearts through his “Ungkapan Hati” (“Heart Expression”) musical performance. 

This performance is dedicated to serve as a moment of celebrating the meaning of togetherness with loved ones. “We understand that affection is a universal feeling – that it is not limited towards one’s romantic partners and spouses. We also need to express it to our parents, children, friends, colleagues, neighbors – or even a stranger who happens to be near us,” said Chrystian, Cadbury Indonesia’s Marketing Manager, in Jakarta on Tuesday (15/02/2022). 

Chrystian went on about the performance: “Tulus is known to be able to hypnotize his listeners through his meaningful lyrics – lyrics that come from his heart, that are close to everyone’s daily experiences. By collaborating with Tulus, we sincerely want to share his inspiration so that people can express their hearts more easily towards their loved ones, and make their daily lives more meaningful.” 

The “Ungkapan Hati” online music performance will be held on 26 February 2022. Anyone can attend and celebrate their loved ones. Registration is easy: just check out the website www. cadburyungkapanhati.com, fill in the form, and your ticket with link will be sent to you via e-mail. Don’t miss it! (est)