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Trash: Our problem together

IO, Jakarta – Garbage/trash issues is a homework for the government, people and the nation of Indonesia. In one day, a garbage dump (Tempat Pembuangan Akhir) can produce 750 tons of waste. That’s just one garbage dump, try to multiply the number with total of all garbage dump in Jakarta. Could be approximately 1 million tons of household waste generated that must be tackled.

One of the garbage dump that actively tackled waste problem in Depok, West Java is Cipayung garbage dump. An area of ​​10.8 hectares is actually still over load to accommodate garbage that is mounting when its only coverage 11 sub-districts with 63 urban village.

City cleaners work tirelessly to help clear roads from debris (photos: IO/Yoga Agusta)

It is said by Chief Technical Officer of Cipayung garbage dump, Adang Kurniawan, garbage that goes to Cipayung garbage dump are only residual waste and not categorized as organic and non-organic. Organic waste are sent to the Waste Processing Unit to be fertilized. Meanwhile, non-organic waste are sent to the waste banks to be processed into handicrafts that have economic value. “We have encouraged the segregation of waste from households, so we are very helped in the distribution and processing of waste,” he explained.

Garbage dump that have 37 personnel and garbage fittings (garbage truck, garbage cart, etc) are also providing health services to the community every once a week. Adang said that the public should have more awareness to trash issues by not littering the trash to the river and start sorting trash from home, and also reducing the use of plastics. In the future, Cipayung garbage dump may have a possibility of cooperating with stakeholders for waste processing technology.

(Yoga Agusta)

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