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Transforming Used Water Jugs into Ondel-ondel Crafts

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Jakarta, IO – Officers from the Waste Management Unit (UPS) of the Jatinegara District Environmental Service and Water Agency completing the production of small ondel-ondel (Betawi giant effigy) crafts from used water jugs in Jakarta (1/7).

In order to reduce the waste of East Jakarta residents, UPS officers use plastic waste to make various crafts, one of which is turning used water jugs into miniaturized ondel-ondel. In the process, the used jugs that have been collected and cleaned are assembled and fitted with accessories, all of which are made of plastic and fabric waste, which is completed in approximately one to two days.

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According to the officials, the crafts will be displayed and exhibited at cultural and artistic events. They also do not rule out the possibility that in the future these ondel-ondel miniatures will be publicly sold. So far, they have been showcased in various places such as arts buildings, official offices, and schools in East Jakarta.

(IO/Septo Kun Wijaya)

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