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Trakindo, international player supporting heavy machinery


IO, Jakarta – The CAT Global Operator Challenge held by PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo) is now in its national finals, as eight finalists from all around the Indonesian archipelago are ready to face the next challenge, in an event at the Trakindo Training Center in Cileungsi. This round will determine the top three heavy machinery operators to represent Indonesia on the next level: the regional competition to be held in Japan in November 2019.

Rozy Andrianto, Trakindo Construction Industry Marketing Division Head, detailed how CAT Global Operator Challenge elimination rounds have been successfully held in 4 distant areas around Indonesia, i.e. Banjarmasin, Makassar, Yogyakarta, and Palembang, with entrants from among 70 heavy machinery operators. “All of our participants today are winners, but we are looking for the best of the best to represent Indonesia,” Rozy said.

In this competition, various new obstacle configurations were prepared to prove contestants’ abilities. Challenges to heavy machinery operators’ skill and experience include tests of accuracy, agility, mental toughness, flexibility, and the ability to use integrated technological features to improve their performance, on various types of CAT – all while abiding by standards of work safety. 

As for the chances of Indonesia’s participants in world-class competitions, Rozy reiterates that the broad variety of industries in Indonesia means our national heavy machinery operators have to be adroit and improvisational, quickly adapting to field conditions to resolve various challenges. “We are optimistic that today’s national-level final winners can show their superiority on the next level and set Indonesia’s reputation in heavy machinery operation for Asia and the rest of the world,” he assuredly stated.

The national competition is part of the worldwide CAT Global Operator Challenge held by Caterpillar. Contestants who pass the regional finals will participate in the world finals at Conexpo-Con/Agg in Las Vegas, United States, in March 2020. In addition to cash prizes, world-class winners will also be given a free VIP trip to any Caterpillar facility of their choice in the world.

The CAT Global Operator Challenge in Indonesia is part of Trakindo’s continued commitment to improve the achievements of domestic heavy machinery staff. “Operators are an important element in the success of industrial work involving heavy machinery. The more competent an operator in operating heavy machinery, the better productivity is as a whole. Through this competition, we seek to encourage domestic operators to continue their skill and build capability in operating heavy machinery, improving their overall productivity,” Rozy said.


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