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Trakindo Customer App expedites customer interaction in a New Normal


IO – PT Trakindo Utama, a Cat® machine solution provider, launched the Trakindo Customer App (TCA) application that provides easy access to information on products and services for its customers. The Trakindo Customer App application features a variety of superior features, ranging from transaction status, service requests, spare parts delivery status to monitoring customer machine operations. Trakindo Customer App is one of the examples of Trakindo’s commitment to faithfully support customer progress. 

David Freddynanto, Trakindo’s Chief Marketing Officer, explained that Trakindo embodies a spirit of Advancing You Forward. “We carry out continuous development to advance and increase customer satisfaction in a variety of situations, including in the transition to the new normal as it is today. After going through various research and development processes, we innovate and launch Trakindo Customer App to provide customer interaction solutions for our superior services. We hope that the facilities provided by Trakindo Customer App can continue to contribute to customer success, starting now and going forward,” he said. 

Entering the transition period to a new normal, various industrial sectors are stretching again, with no exception in sectors that often require heavy equipment for operational activities. Even so, the risk of transmission of the virus remains a concern, so various restrictions remain in place. Trakindo Customer App can be a solution because customers can access the superior services of Trakindo easily, from anywhere. 

Rozy Andrianto, Division Head, Trakindo Construction Industry Marketing, explained how the various features of the Trakindo Customer App are designed to provide the best experience for customers in dealing with Trakindo. “This application can summarize Trakindo’s heavy equipment service solutions in one system, so that customers get faster and easier service. Now, various service conveniences can be obtained by customers with just the touch of a finger,” he said. 

The Trakindo Customer App application can be downloaded directly on the Trakindo customer smartphone via the App Store and Play Store. This application has various features that are based on customer needs, ranging from Customer Profiles, Tracking Parts, Request & Service Tracking, Opening Account & Billing Facilities, and also integrated with the Caterpillar digital platform. 

“The features of the Trakindo Customer App are aimed at making it easier for customers to do their business planning and operational activities. The Trakindo Customer App that can accelerate the transaction process, improve communication responses, and facilitate access to information is a reflection of one of Trakindo’s core values, namely, Continuous Development, where Trakindo continues to develop itself in providing superior services to support the progress of the customer’s own business,” concluded David. 

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