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Trakindo Cat Green Diesel Generators tests to accelerate Indonesia’s net zero emissions


Jakarta, IO – The development of technology is increasing rapidly, making data centers an important part of everyday life, especially for business operational needs in various industrial sectors. PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo), a provider of Cat® heavy equipment solutions in Indonesia, fulfills needs for ultimate and environmentally friendly generators in supporting data center performance, by presenting the Green Diesel Genset Cat 3516E performance test, fueled by Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) and Biodiesel 40% (B40). The “Data Center Powered by CAT Green Diesel Genset; Accelerating Indonesia Net Zero Emission” performance test was conducted on May 10, 2023, in Jakarta. 

Erwin Muljosantoso, General Manager of Power System Trakindo, explained the capabilities of the Cat 3516E generator unit, which utilizes environmentally-friendly fuel. The trial series includes two stages: steady state performance and transient performance; each was carried out three times by testing different fuels: full HVO, full B40, and also a 50% mixture of HVO and B40. 

“The performance trials of Cat 3516E show that the Cat 3516E works well on B40 fuel, which complies with the provisions of biodiesel in Indonesia, without compromising the generator’s performance,” Erwin explained. Cat 3516E/3000 kVA is a backup generator widely used in the data center industry around the world, including Indonesia. Caterpillar generator units can withstand 100% block load of generator capacity even when using HVO and/ or B40 fuel. 

“The 3516E Caterpillar generator with HVO or B40 fuel produces NOx and CO in its exhaust emissions measured below the threshold stipulated by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Indonesia,” added Erwin. 

This data center facility is a massive data server device that requires uninterrupted power 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, the facility needs to utilize an ultimate power supply and generator system to avoid any electrical supply interruptions and address downtime immediately, ensuring that customer business operations are not disrupted. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), data center energy consumption in 2021 reached 220-320 TWh (terawatt-hours), accounting for 0.9–1.3 percent of worldwide electricity demand. 

The generator is a support mechanism that a support data center can depend on for optimal performance. The use of low-carbon fuel generators can help solve environmental challenges by operating as a Green Data Center. Moreover, hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) is a type of renewable diesel fuel, green diesel, or D100, which is categorized as a low-carbon fuel with a great potential for the data center industry and can help Indonesia achieve net zero emissions. 

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The related stakeholders need to be committed to promoting sustainable and more environmentally-friendly devices to accomplish a “Green Data Center.” “Trakindo is holding this event with hopes to show the performance of the Cat 3516E unit that works on HVO or B40 fuel, meeting the quality standards as a backup power in the data center industry. We seek to promote environmental awareness in Indonesia, especially in mitigating climate change actions and accelerating Indonesia’s net zero emissions,” said Erwin. 

Trakindo’s commitment tagline, “Advancing You Forward,” continues to understand and meet customer needs for business development. Trakindo is also supported by world-class facilities equipped with the latest technology to ensure customer convenience in acquiring the best heavy equipment products, services, and solutions from Caterpillar. Trakindo operates a support network at over 70 locations throughout Indonesia, ready to provide support to consumers.


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