Tragic, these are the stories of Indonesia migrant workers held captive in Cambodia

Indonesian Embassy in Phonm Penh, Cambodia (Source: Instagram @indonesiainphnompen)

Jakarta, IO – An Indonesian migrant worker (PMI) with the initial R recounted his experience being held captive by an illegal company in Cambodia. He has now returned to Indonesia.

R revealed that the company recruited many workers from Indonesia. He was initially interested in working with the company because he was offered a lucrative salary. “I was promised a big salary, but in reality I did not get any payment at all,” he said at a press conference held by Migrant CARE on Tuesday (2/8), Kompas reported.

He said that if the workers did not achieve the targets set by the company, they would be punished, beaten and electrocuted. “Some even had their passports burned,” said R.

He said he is still traumatized by the thought of working in Cambodia. Irma, a wife of one of the victims, also told a harrowing story. Her husband is still in Cambodia.