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Traditional clothes made by vocational school student from Kudus showcased in HK Fashion Week


Jakarta, IO – Efi Afifah, 17, a vocational high school (SMK) student from Kudus exhibited her work at the 2023 Hong Kong Fashion Week. Her participation in the prestigious event started with Modest Young Design Competition (MYDC) in Jakarta on March 8-11. Of the 374 participants, she managed to get into the top 10.

“I am very happy, I never expected that I would come this far. Foreign buyers were interested in the local wisdom of my designs,” she said, reported BeritaSatu, Friday (12/5).

She displayed six clothes made of striated cloth with striped patterns using linen fabric made from eco-friendly hemp plants. During the exhibition, she managed to sell 20 items.

“I try to keep it unique and attractive, by using as much fabric as possible,” she explained.

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Uniquely, she also believes in the principle of zero waste in making her clothes. The cloth cuttings were reused as much as possible and incorporated into other designs. (bp)


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