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Tourism synergy of Yogyakarta and Cirebon


IO – Yogyakarta Tourism Office conducted an exploration of Cirebon City to explore potential collaboration between the two parties in the tourism sector. Also, Yogya visited the Cirebon Direct Promotion (Table Top) which took place at The Luxton Hotel Cirebon, Thursday, March 4.

“We are considering potential tourists who can visit Yogyakarta and we remind you that Yogyakarta is very serious about implementing the COVID-19 health protocol,” said the Head of Yogyakarta City Tourism Office, Wahyu Hendratmoko. “We are not courageous to target with certainty, but we have potential buyers from Cirebon,” he added.

“We warmly welcome and receive hospitality from Yogyakarta to our city; we are quite motivated by Yogyakarta’s tourism,” admitted the Head of Cirebon City Youth and Sports and Tourism Office, Agus Suherman.

Cirebon and Yogyakarta have similarities in the highlighted cultural base for tourism. “In the current situation, we have to continue running businesses by managing destinations from all aspects of transportation, accommodation, and all supporting aspects, so both parties can synergize. Cirebon and Yogyakarta have a royal base that can be highlighted,” said Heroe Poerwadi, the Deputy Mayor of Yogyakarta City.

On the occasion, we must also make everyone aware of the rules, feel safe and comfortable. On this occasion, the 2021 Direct Promotion (Table Top) was attended by 40 sellers from Yogyakarta and 60 buyers from Cirebon.

The current event was attended by DIY ASITA, West Java ASITA, DIY PHRI, Yogyakarta Tourism Promotion Board, Indonesian Tourism Actors Association, Cirebon Tour and Travel Industry Entrepreneurs Association, and Cirebon Residency Tourism Actors.


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